Measuring Charts Below  A great fitting pair of skates is essential for fun & progress. I can assist you with choosing a size that offers plenty of growth room & a style kids love. Call anytime  (859) 619-6228   jtadeitaly@gmail.com. All skates come with a free pair of cozy gloves, skate shammy and skate care brochure. 

How to Measure  Stand on an 8 X 11 sheet of paper. Place a mark directly downward on your longest toe and then directly down from your heel. Measure both feet. Now measure the distance between the two points. Have someone make the marks for you; if you lean forward and measure yourself, you will flatten the foot and potentially measure wrongly. Next, look at the sizing chart.

Which Skate Should I Purchase? That answer is simple - the one that's best for you!  Don't get caught up in the latest fad, or what another skater is wearing because their needs & budget may be differen than yours. There are "Cheap Skates" out there at big-box stores that might be ideal for a day at the pond, but Ice Pinkie carries only reliable, safe and quality skates you can trust. All skates come with a free pair of cozy gloves, skate shammy and skate care brochure.
Deciding Between Skates  How old is your skater, and are their feet still growing? Are they in group lessons or planning on taking private lessons?  What is the height, weight and level of your skater and how often they will they skate?  Let me help you choose the best skate for you. Skates come in different "boot strength ratings" and a variety of blade levels. I love one-one-one calls (859) 619-6228. Take the guess work out and call if needed.  I can share three decades of advice as a skating coach, & Learn to Skate Program Director. I am your your one stop, ice skating pro shop with expert advice and service. 
Skate Care  After skating, wipe your blades clean and place your pretty soakers over the blades to protect from rusting and place them in your skating bag. When you come back to the rink, remove your soakers and place your Ice Pinkie hard guards over the blades so you can walk around the lobby without damaging your blade's edges. You can also put your skates on at home and walk to the car and into the rink with your hard guards on. Never leave your skates in a very hot car as you can weaken the glues and damage your skates. 
A Gift for You  I love presents & giving them too! Encluded with any skate purchase is a new pair of gloves, blade drying shammy & skate care directions brochure. It's my way of saying thank you for shopping at Ice Pinkie, "The Biggest Little Skate Shop in Kentucky!"       
 Elite Level Skates & Blades This is when it gets critical, and my years of expertise "jumps" in!  I serve elite skaters around the country. Selecting the proper style, type, cut, width(s), boot strength/support level & fit, is crucial. The heigth, weight, and ability of the skater must also be strongly considered. Elite Blades are purchased seperately and then mounted. At this level, the skater, coach and myself work together to carefully select the best boot and blade match. I purposely left the elite models off the site. Best pricing and boot & blade choices are made in person or by calling (859) 619-6228        jtadeitaly@gmail.com                                                                                               
 Return Policy Items must be returned within 30 days of purchase and unused. A quick text or call to (859) 619-6228 and I'll take care of you with a return number. Skating tights cannot be returned. Items should be in their original packaging. Return items to: Ice Pinkie 560 Eureka Springs Drive Lexington, KY 40517.